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An abscess where?? That's gotta be uncomfortable...

Check out this crazy prostatic abscess cytology! 


I don’t know about you, but if I had a prostate, I know I wouldn’t want a mocha milkshake colored fluid in it...



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The prettiest cytoplasmic inclusions you'll ever see

If you’ve heard this word thrown around but haven’t known exactly what it is, here is a handy little definition graphic for you!

Melamed-Wolinska bodies are these absolutely gorg...

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Paraneoplastic hyperCa is a common problem with AGASACA

This is kind of a big-ish range of reported incidence of hyperCa with AGASACA, but point is that it’s common and can cause problems all in itself.


Have you seen paraneoplastic hyperCa...

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It's finally easy to take microscopic photos with your phone

One of the things I hear all the time from vets and vet techs is, "How do I take better microscopic photos with my phone?".


Usually, I respond with some tips on how to hold the phone steady,...

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What's inside a normal anal sac?

The anal sacs are weird little thin-lined pouches which produce the stank nasty secretions we all know and hate. 


But what exactly is inside the anal sacs normally? 


If you...

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A tale of two epithelial cells

I love this photo because the vet got lucky and picked up two types of epithelial cells in one aspirate!  


This was a dog with a large mass protruding from the perianal area which...

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