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What exactly IS a histiocyte?

Do you know what the term histiocyte actually means? 

It can be a confusing term if you haven’t seen it broken down before. 

Histiocyte is an umbrella term that encompasses ...

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Pseudopods: Why they are a clue in cases of small cell lymphoma

Check out the pseudopods on these small lymphocytes!

Cytoplasmic extensions, aka pseudopods or uropods, are often associated with small to intermediate cell lymphoma. That said, they can occur in...

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Do you know how to tell if a lymphocyte is small or large?

Evaluating lymphoid populations is all about the proportion of small to large lymphocytes, but how do you know if a lymphocyte is small or large?

Compare it to the size of a neutrophil.
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My Path to Path; Part 1: Path to Vet School

“Dr. Walker, there’s a hit by car coming in, they’ll be here in about 10 minutes. It sounds bad.”

I stood in the corner of the room, awkwardly tugging at my ill-fitting...

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What Microscope Should I Buy: Dr. Kate's Personal Recommendation

Want to know what one of the most commonly asked questions in the Cytology Coffeehouse facebook group is?

Well, let me just show you…

That’s right, microscopes! Have you ever felt...

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You know what is more intimidating than writing about all the ins and outs of cytology? 

Writing your first blog post….about yourself. 

But regardless of the intimidation and my...

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