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What's inside a normal anal sac?

The anal sacs are weird little thin-lined pouches which produce the stank nasty secretions we all know and hate. 


But what exactly is inside the anal sacs normally? 


If you...

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A tale of two epithelial cells

I love this photo because the vet got lucky and picked up two types of epithelial cells in one aspirate!  


This was a dog with a large mass protruding from the perianal area which...

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Ring around the roseys in anal sac adenocarcinoma

Pseudoacinar structures (aka rosettes) are a type of cell pattern you may see in neuroendocrine (and neuroendocrine-like) neoplasms where the epithelial cells and their nuclei form little...

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Inflammatory Macrophages and Their Many Hats

Macrophages have to be one of the most obnoxious cells in cytology. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for them….they do a bajillion different things and are super...

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Have you heard of the best little veterinary conference in Texas?

I get questions all the time about what products (microscopes, books, etc) and learning opportunities (conferences, courses, etc) I recommend.  


So, each month I’ll highlight...

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Feline Progressive Histiocytosis: A Crappy Cat Disease

This is a really interesting (albeit sad) case that was shared by Dr. Lindsey Citron earlier this year (thank you for sharing, Lindsey!). 

This is a 12 y/o MC DSH cat that had a long history...

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