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Ring around the roseys in anal sac adenocarcinoma

Pseudoacinar structures (aka rosettes) are a type of cell pattern you may see in neuroendocrine (and neuroendocrine-like) neoplasms where the epithelial cells and their nuclei form little...

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Inflammatory Macrophages and Their Many Hats

Macrophages have to be one of the most obnoxious cells in cytology. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for them….they do a bajillion different things and are super...

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Have you heard of the best little veterinary conference in Texas?

I get questions all the time about what products (microscopes, books, etc) and learning opportunities (conferences, courses, etc) I recommend.  


So, each month I’ll highlight...

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Feline Progressive Histiocytosis: A Crappy Cat Disease

This is a really interesting (albeit sad) case that was shared by Dr. Lindsey Citron earlier this year (thank you for sharing, Lindsey!). 

This is a 12 y/o MC DSH cat that had a long history...

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What exactly IS a histiocyte?

Do you know what the term histiocyte actually means? 

It can be a confusing term if you haven’t seen it broken down before. 

Histiocyte is an umbrella term that encompasses ...

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Pseudopods: Why they are a clue in cases of small cell lymphoma

Check out the pseudopods on these small lymphocytes!

Cytoplasmic extensions, aka pseudopods or uropods, are often associated with small to intermediate cell lymphoma. That said, they can occur in...

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