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How many Hepatozoon gamonts can you fit in one photo?

This month’s Cyto Coffeehouse Case Spotlight is this incredible photo posted in 2019 by Giuseppe Menga. This is a buffy coat prep from a dog with Hepatozoon. 


Look at those...

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Where my bovine people at?! πŸ‚ πŸ„

Hemotropic mycoplasma affects multiple species. We most often think about it causing hemolytic anemia in cats, but do you know how it affects bovines clinically? 


Spoiler alert:...

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Morulae... in a spleen and liver?!

Throwback Wednesday! I posted this case in the Cyto Coffeehouse group back in 2018, and it's too good not to share again...


So, here I am, just cruising around this spleen/liver combo sample...

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Babesia felis- A South African Parasite

Did you know that Babesia felis is only found in coastal Southern Africa?


What other feline intracellular parasite does Babesia felis look like? That's right, Cytauxzoon!



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What do prostates and bees have in common?

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a hormonally induced, non-neoplastic enlargement of the prostate in intact dogs.


Prostate epithelial cells are some of my favs (is that weird?), because they...

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My favorite cytology textbook

There are some awesome veterinary cytology textbooks out there on the market, but one that I consistently use myself and recommend is Canine and Feline Cytology: A Color Atlas and Interpretation...

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