Here you will find helpful, practical videos on a variety of clinical pathology topics! 

Aspirating a Mass or Lymph Node

Ever wonder if you're aspirating masses or lymph nodes "correctly"? Well, there is more than 1 way to do this, but in this video, you'll see a tried and true technique demonstrated that is sure to get you good results.


Cyto Sample Preparation Techniques

There are multiple different techniques that can be utilized to prepare your cytologic samples, but 1 in particular tends to be the most reliable for getting good results. Watch this video to hear about the 4 main techniques and which one I suggest above all others!

Taking a Microscopic Photo with my iPhone

Taking pictures of things we see under the scope with our phone is part of our everyday lives these days but can be soooo frustrating. Here I'll show you the way I take pictures with my phone-- spoiler's all about the finger balance!


Performing a WBC Differential

Performing an accurate WBC differential is a critical part of interpreting CBC data. But how do you do one exactly? Well, that's what we go over in this video, so check it out!

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