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Upcoming Events

Washington State Association of Veterinary Technicians, 2021

  • Topics TBD (2 RACE hours)

Music City Veterinary Conference, Feb 2022

  • What am I Looking at?! Simply your Life by Using the Cytologic Algorithm, Cytology Charcuterie: Amazing Cases from the Trenches, Hematology Case Discussions (3 RACE hours)


Recent Live Speaking Events: 

Lone Star Veterinary Academy, San Antonio TX July 10/11, 2021

  • Clinical Pathology 101: Magnify Your Diagnostic and Internal Medicine Skills (10 RACE hours)

Vet Show @ Home Conference, 2021

  • Part 1: A Microscopic Tour of Non-neoplastic Cavity Effusions; Part 2: A Microscopic Tour of Neoplastic Cavity Effusions (2 RACE hours)


Upcoming Lessons/Course Contributions:

European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies (Cytology and Hematology Courses), 2022

  • Sessions: Ocular Cytology (3/15/22), Cytology of Male/female Urogenital Tract & Case Review (3/17/22), Red Blood Cell Morphology & Case Review (9/19/22), Regenerative & Non-regenerative Anemias (9/20/22)


Recent Lessons/Course Contributions:

Veterinary Wound LibraryJune 2021 

  • Under the Microscope: Cellular Aspects of Wound Healing (1 hour)


Student Club Talks:

 Recent Student Club Talks:

  • North Carolina State University Cytology Rounds, Jan 2021
  • Western University Path Club, Jan 2021
  • University of Tennessee Path Club, March 2021
  • University of Arizona Path Club
  • Western University Path Club, Jan 2021
  • Cornell University Pathology Club, May 2021

  • University of Queensland Pathology Special Interest Group, May 2021

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