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Upcoming Speaking Events/Course Contributions:


BluePearl EmERge Webinar, August 2022 - Virtual - 1 hour

European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies (Hematology Section), September 2022 - Virtual - 3.5 hours

Nebraska Academy of Veterinary Medicine, October 2022- Omaha, NE - 5 hours

New York Vet Show, November 2022 - New York, NY - 2 hours

Cincinnati Veterinary Medical Association, November 2022 - Cincinnati, OH - 5 hours

Midwest Veterinary Conference, February 2023 - Columbus, OH - 6 hours

Veterinary Encouragement Conference, April 2023 - Beaufort, SC - 2 hours

Italian Companion Animal Veterinary Association (SCIVAC), May 2023 - Rimini, Italy - 3 hours


Recent Speaking Events/Course Contributions:


VetEducation Online Veterinary Conference - Virtual - 1 hour

Chicago Vet Show Conference - Chicago, IL - 4 hours

Clinician's Brief Webinar - Virtual - 1 hour

VetGirl Webinar - Virtual - 1 hour

Richmond Academy of Veterinary Medicine - Richmond, VA - 6 hours

Music City Veterinary Conference - Murfreesboro, TN - 3 hours

BluePearl EmERge Lecture Series - Virtual - 1 hour (ongoing, quarterly)

Nashville Veterinary Specialists CE Event - Virtual - 2 hours

AmeriVet Clinical Practice Series - Virtual - 1 hour

Lone Star Vet Academy CE Workshop - Virtual - 6 hours

Veterinary Wellness Initiative at Michigan State Uni - Virtual - 1 hour

University of Tennessee Pathology Club - Knoxville, TN - 1 hour

Edmonton Association of Small Animal Veterinarians - Virtual - 2 hours

European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies, Cytology Section - Virtual - 2.5 hours

ECVIM Student Chapter of Berlin - Virtual - 1 hour

New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association Webinar - Virtual - 1 hour

Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association Webinar - Virtual - 1 hour

Lone Star Vet Academy Workshop - Virtual - 9 hours

Vet Show @ Home - Virtual - 2 hours

Music City Veterinary Conference - Virtual - 2 hours

Western University Student Chapter of the ACVP Lunch and Learn - Virtual - 1 hour

North Carolina State University Cytology Rounds - Virtual - 1 hour

University of Arizona Path Club Webinar - Virtual - 1 hour

Cornell University Pathology Club Webinar - Virtual - 1 hour

University of Queensland Pathology Special Interest Group Webinar - Virtual - 1 hour

PennVet Student Club Webinar - Virtual - 1 hour

Audience Love

Dr. Baker is incredibly knowledgeable. Friendly and engaging.

- Dr. A, Veterinarian

I love that Dr. Baker adds humour to her lectures and makes them very interactive. 

- J.R., RVT

Dr. Baker is very easy to listen to. She holds the attention and is personable. 

- Dr. S, Veterinarian

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