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Are you a veterinarian, veterinary technician/nurse, or student?

If so, you're in the right place to get your cyto/heme learn-on. 

Here you'll find a number of online learning opportunities designed to work with any learning style and budget.

It's time to stop dreading the microscope and start experiencing how a clin path knowledge boost can drastically improve your patient care!



Does any of this

sound like you?

You're ready to go from:

⟡ Confused about what you're seeing

⟡ Insecure about charging for your in-house cytology reviews

⟡ Uninterested in and aggrevated by cytology

So that you can:

⟡ Feel more confident

⟡ Be certain that you're providing a valuable in-house cytology service for your clients

⟡ Feel excited to look at your cases!

The Cyto Sampler 

Receive weekly emailed content snippets and access to the online case bank


"Clin Path Rounds" PDF:

Each week you'll be emailed a curated, content-packed PDF written by clinical pathologist, Kate Baker, DVM, MS, DACVP. 

Content will focus on a specific, cytologically relevant topic each month, and information shared is designed to be practical, interesting, and easily-digestible.

Content you can expect:

  • Written, practical, concise case reviews
  • Video case rounds
  • Quick topic facts

"The Cyto Case Collective" Online Case Bank:

You'll enjoy access to a searchable library of fascinating, real-life cytology and hematology cases from veterinary professionals like you. Think of it an online cytology/hematology atlas, where you can learn directly from real cases (often accompanied by gross images +/- radiographs, bloodwork, etc).


**Note: "The Cyto Sampler" is included in the Premium Cytology Clubhouse Membership below** 


The Cytology Clubhouse


A premier monthly membership + private community


The Cytology Clubhouse is a premier membership for veterinary professionals (vets and vet techs) who consider themselves beginners or moderates in cytology.

Here you'll join over 300 vet professionals like you (led by Dr. Kate Baker), driven to deliver better patient care through a deeper understanding of cytology and hematology.

What you can expect as a Cyto Clubhouse member:

  • Digestible-length topic lessons that you can watch anytime (worth at least 6 RACE credits per year)
  •  Monthly live topic discussions with Dr. Baker
  • Worksheets, topic quizzes, and transcripts to reinforce the material
  • Aesthetically pleasing bonuses like scope-side printable graphics, journal article reviews, and case studies
  • A chance to win fun prizes and access to exclusive product discounts
  • Access to a members-only Facebook group where you can share and learn alongside vet professionals like you!

**Note: "The Cyto Sampler" subscription above is included in this Premium Membership** 


Stand-Alone Online Courses

Drastically improve your confidence in cytology and hematology with these two, highly-rated, RACE-approved signature courses.

Are you looking to feel more confident behind your microscope and earn RACE CE credits while you're at it? 

Are you tired of being bored to tears while earning CE?

Do you have a hate/hate relationship with your microscope?

If yes, check out these two signature courses where you can earn 5 RACE credits each. Mastering Cytology and Mastering Hematology are practical, engaging courses where you'll have fun learning and find yourself transforming from confused to confident!

**Note: These courses are NOT included in The Cyto Sampler or The Cytology Clubhouse Subscriptions.


Schoolhouse Student


Lisa G, DVM

This course (Mastering Cytology) is GREAT! Whether you are a new grad or have been in practice for a long time this course demystifies cytology for the general practioner. It's incredibly practical, systematic and logical in its approach. I didn't learn it this way 20 years ago and suddenly it seems so much more manageable and far less daunting.

Katherine T, RVN

This course (Mastering Hematology) is packed with information and enthusiastically delivered in a way that is easy to follow and understand. As an RVN, I'd been told that blood smear analysis had value, but never what value or how to do it. I now feel confident analysing blood smears, and I can already tell the new skills this course has given me will be of huge benefit to the patients and the clinic. I can't wait to start using them!


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