Mastering Cytology


Skin and Subcutis

(5 hours RACE approved!)



This 5 hour, RACE approved, in-depth course is designed to boost your confidence and skills in interpretation of fine-needle aspirate (FNA) cytology from masses/lesions in the skin and subcutis.

*RACE Program # 20-844340; Non-interactive, Distance*


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Cytology is Hard... How will this help me?


Have you every been sitting at the microscope and found yourself completely overwhelmed?  

Maybe sending your FNA to the lab isn't an option, and you've got about 5 minutes to figure this out before you have to move on to the next appointment.

Everything is looking like blue and purple blobs, and you're starting to see red because you're so frustrated.

Or maybe you have always loved cytology and you just want to feel more confident in your interpretations.

Perhaps you're a shelter vet with a limited budget, or maybe you have a really sick patient that can't wait 2 days for a cytology report to come back.

Whatever your motivation is to up your cyto game, I created this course to help you get there! I love what I do, and helping vet professionals feel more comfortable with cytology gives me warm and fuzzies like you wouldn't believe. Not only do I want you to feel more comfortable with cytology so that you can confidently use it to help your patients, I want you to enjoy it too!

The tiny microscopic world is a incredibly interesting one with immense power to improve your patient care, but building a solid foundation is essential to moving from frustrated to fascinated-- and that's what this course is for!

Ok cool.

So...What Will I Learn in This Course?

Chances are good that most of your FNAs are from mass-like lesions on the skin and subcutaneous layers. And in this course, we will dig into how to interpret those FNAs! The course is full to the brim with practical information, but some of the topics covered include:

  • How to feel less frustrated and more organized in your thought process using the cytologic algorithm
  • Identifying common inflammatory patterns and putting the pieces together to know what those patterns mean
  • Bugs bugs and more bugs! Common bacterial and fungal organisms you may see in your FNAs and how to tell them apart
  • Cytologic characteristics of different cell categories (epithelial, mesenchymal, and round cells)
  • How to tell if a cell is benign or malignant (and when we can't make that call on cytology!)

  • Comprehensive review of some of the most common skin mass cytologies you'll run into

  • Cytology of mammary lesions and the roadblocks we encounter with this tissue

  • The prostate: BPH vs. infection vs. neoplasia

  • Butt masses! (perianal and anal sac)

  • Salivary glands: Why they might be big

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Perks of this Course:

  • 5 hours of RACE approved video lessons
  • Completely go-at-you-own-pace (no deadlines to start or finish)
  • 24/7 access for the life of the course (at least 1 year from purchase)
  • Watch as many times as you want to
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