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Ready To Become A Master of the Microscope?

Are you part of a clinical practice or vet/vet tech school wanting to enroll multiple students in the online Schoolhouse Courses?

Good news! The Schoolhouse offers Team discounts *and* live teaching hours! This is an awesome way to engage your team in group learning which not only enhances everyone’s skill-set and confidence, but also provides a fun way to bring your team together and boost patient care.

Available Courses


(5 hours RACE approved!)

This 5 hour, RACE approved course is designed to strengthen your identification skills and use that information in conjunction with the CBC to interpret what abnormalities mean for the patient.


*RACE Program # 1439-4159; Non-interactive, Distance*




(5 hours RACE approved!)

This 5 hour, RACE approved, in-depth course is designed to boost your confidence and skills in interpretation of fine-needle aspirate (FNA) cytology from masses/lesions in the skin and subcutis.


*RACE Program # 1439-37933; Non-interactive, Distance*


Group Discounts

• Groups of 3-6: 20% off per person
• Groups of over 6: 30% off per person

+ Live Hour with Dr. Kate 

This additional live video learning hour can be added to your package where your team/class will get the opportunity to ask Kate questions regarding course materials! These fun and laid back sessions are conducted via Zoom and recorded for your future reference. And don’t worry, if we run out of questions, we’ll go over quiz cases for your team to practice their new skills!

This can be done as a group in your practice setting, or you can schedule it after work hours and everyone can enter the Zoom room separately. Scheduling is flexible, and most time requests can be accommodated. 

The cost of the additional live learning hour is $200 USD.

Ready to get your team enrolled?

Click here or the button below to fill in your group details, and we’ll be on our way to getting your team enrolled!

An invoice will be emailed to you after form completion.

If you have any questions about group enrollment, please email [email protected].

Can’t wait to have you all in class!


Still Have Questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out! Happy to answer any and all questions prior to committing. 

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