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Every month, I'll feature a new mystery case for you to crack.  These whole-slide digital scans are like you're looking through your microscope, but even better!

1. Read the case history.
2. Click on the slide image.
3. Review the digital slide.
4. Come back to this page to reveal the answer. 
5. See you next month for another case!

November 2022: Bruno the dog

  • 5 year old male, neutered mixed breed dog

  • At home, the owners noticed Bruno was lethargic and not eating. They also felt like his breathing was labored.
  • On exam, Bruno was tachypneic and febrile. 
  • Thoracic radiographs showed lobar consolidation of the right middle lung lobe. The affected lung was then aspirated.

Click the slide image below to review the lung aspirate cytology under your virtual microscope-- What is your diagnosis? 

A window will open for you to review the slide. You can scan the slide and zoom in/out. When you're done, come back here to reveal the answer. 

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