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The strangest place I've seen lymphoma

This was SUCH an interesting case, I had to show you guys! Never had seen it before, and haven’t seen it since.


This aspirate came from the prostate of an 11 year old intact male dog. The history I got was that he had hyperechoic areas in his prostate and both testicles. The area in the prostate was aspirated, and that’s what we’re looking at. 


Take a look at the photos and see if you can tell what’s going on here, then scroll down.


This is….lymphoma! 


That’s right, lymphoma. In a prostate. Of course lymphoma isn’t uncommon, but I’ve never seen it in a prostate! They didn’t get an aspirate of the testicles, but I suspect the same thing was going on there as well. 


So, how did I get to lymphoma? 


Well, what we’re seeing here is a population of round cells that have lymphoid features (small amount of cytoplasm, round nuclei, stippled chromatin, and there are lymphoglandular bodies in the background too), and then we know it’s lymphoma because the lymphocytes are all large in size. Def not normal. Not normal attall


Have any of you seen prostatic lymphoma before? Come hang out with me over on Insta and share your experience!


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