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Pseudopods: Why they are a clue in cases of small cell lymphoma

Check out the pseudopods on these small lymphocytes! 😲

Cytoplasmic extensions, aka pseudopods or uropods, are often associated with small to intermediate cell lymphoma. That said, they can occur in reactive nodes or as an artifact, so they aren’t pathognomonic for lymphoma!


This dog presented for a torn back toenail. On exam, his vet noticed moderate submandibular lymphadenomegaly and aspirated the lymph node. The dog wasn’t exhibiting any clinical signs other than that associated with his ouchy toenail. 


On cytology, the majority of the lymphocytes were small, which is the expected population in a normal or reactive lymph node. 


Buuuuut, then there were these weird pseudopods everywhere! This, in combination with persistent, unexplained lymphadenomegaly, raises significant concern for small cell lymphoma, which was confirmed on additional testing (PARR) in this case.

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