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My favorite cytology textbook

There are some awesome veterinary cytology textbooks out there on the market, but one that I consistently use myself and recommend is Canine and Feline Cytology: A Color Atlas and Interpretation Guide (3rd edition) by Rose Raskin and Denny Meyer.

This is my tried and true cytology reference book. Here I am back in the day using it to study for my clin path boards (someone is clearly not as interested as I was):

You don’t have to be a budding pathologist to use this book though. It is a great reference for in-house use and has a plethora of photos and explanations that work for most skill levels. 


Example page (from Amazon preview) showing the awesome quality photos and descriptions:

So, if you’re in need of a cyto reference book that will end up with worn pages from constant use, consider this one! Click here to buy on Amazon. 


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