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Have you heard of the best little veterinary conference in Texas?

I get questions all the time about what products (microscopes, books, etc) and learning opportunities (conferences, courses, etc) I recommend.  


So, each month I’ll highlight one of my “Favorite Things” here! This is where I’ll share info on products/opportunities I know will help up your vet med game, and I’ll only pick things I’ve had direct experience with. 


This week, to kick things off, I’m featuring Lone Star Veterinary Academythe best little veterinary conference in Texas! 


Earlier this year, I was invited to speak at a weekend LSVA conference in San Antonio. One of the cool things about LSVA conferences is they focus on one general topic (in my case, clinical pathology), so as an attendee, you really get to focus your learning. 


I was SO excited. I had heard about LSVA before and knew that they boast a more personalized, boutique-esque conference experience. I also saw on the LSVA website that they are “introvert-friendly” (believe it or not, I’m an introvert). Small, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere? Count me in. Plus, I could smell the Tex Mex from Tennessee.


Unfortunately, I was in a bad car accident the week before I was supposed to fly out. A broken wrist and ankle later, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to make the trip.


That didn’t stop the show from going on though! Everyone was more than understanding if I needed to cancel, but when I insisted “the show must go on'', thanks to the amazing founding veterinarian of LSVA, as well as the understanding conference attendees, we were able to do some last minute adjustments and have me present to the group (who all still met in person) virtually.


It. Was. A. Blast!


This was just one of the displays of the family-like, considerate atmosphere they have going on at LSVA, and I was here for it.


This conference just felt different. It wasn’t jam-packed, people were friendly and engaged, and there were really cool touches like giveaways, games, and custom blood cell cookies! Oh, and I also heard the attendees were drinking unlimited Topo Chico and enjoying gourmet, chef-cooked meals while getting their learn-on... 


So, if you haven’t heard of LSVA before, take it from me that you want to consider their in-person and virtual events.


Learn more about their upcoming events here.


Join the LSVA mailing list to access special offers and be the first to know about FREE CE and new courses here.


PS- I'm speaking (virtually) again in 2022, so maybe we’ll see each other and get to cheers some Topo Chicos! Be sure to join the mailing list to hear when that'll be!

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