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Path Chats with Dr. Danny Heinrich

In this edition of Path Chats, I sit down with my good friend and fellow clinical pathologist, Dr. Daniel Heinrich. Dr. Heinrich is an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota College of...

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A spin on leukemia- equine style 🐎

Interesting case alert! 

When this blood smear came across my scope, the first thing I thought was, come on now, stop horsin’ around!!

Ok that’s a really bad pun, but still. This...

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The difference between acute and chronic leukemia

If I never teach you anything else, please let me teach you how important this is:

…The difference between acute leukemia and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. 


Because the...

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The age old question: reactive or lymphoma?

How many times have you found yourself looking at a lymph node aspirate and wondering “is this reactive or lymphoma”?

Do you know how to tell the difference?


Let’s take a...

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[1 Min Video]: Let's talk about reactive lymph nodes

Let's talk about reactive lymph nodes. Do you know what they look like cytologically?

Watch this 1 minute video for a quick lesson in reactive lymph node cytology:


Cliff Notes...


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Don't confuse this structure with a mass!

Have you heard of buccal (aka facial) lymph nodes? 

These are lymph nodes that are only present in some dogs and are situated on the muzzle. They can become enlarged due to reactivity or...

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