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Constipated plasma cells 💩

Definition time!

Flame cells are super ramped up plasma cells that exhibit a pink cytoplasmic hue which represents immunoglobulin. They’re sometimes referred to as “constipated”...

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The good news about skin tumors

Did you know that 60-80% of skin tumors in dogs are benign?

That’s good news! But we can’t know if a tumor is benign or malignant without our microscope, so go ahead and poke...

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U-G-L-Y this mast cell ain't got no alibi

Nasty mast cell tumor alert

Isn’t it ugly?

Notice the purple cytoplasmic granules– even though there aren’t a ton, there are enough to know it’s a MCT. And the prominent...

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A wild finding in a lung aspirate

WUT! This is one of my favorite cases. 

A 5 year old cat presented for progressive tachypnea. Radiographic changes were noted (not described), and the lung was aspirated. 


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The cutest curly cues in cytology

Definition time!

Curschmann spirals show up in TTWs and BALs secondary to any condition that causes increased mucus production (often seen with chronic bronchitis). They look like cute little...

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