Here in the Journal Snippets area, I’ve taken various path-related journal articles and condensed them down to their main, clinically relevant points-- think of it as my translation from path-speak to a bit more “Cliff Notes” version of these super interesting articles!

What is your diagnosis? A feline blood smear

Veterinary Clinical Pathology: March 2019, Vol 48, Issue 1  |  Anna M Meredith, Dorothee Bienzle, Janet Beeler-Marfisi

  • 2 year old cat with vomiting, lethargy, anorexia, and icterus
  • Presented to Ontario Vet College but adopted from South Africa 1 month prior
  • CBC: anemia at 19% and strongly regenerative

Image is the blood smear-- What is your diagnosis?

What is your diagnosis? Conjunctival smear in a dog

Veterinary Clinical Pathology: Sept 2018, Vol 47, Issue 3. |  Omar Gonzales-Viera, Kerriann Casey, M. Kevin Keel

  • Conjunctival smear from a 15 mo old FS Labrador with 3 week history of cough and diarrhea
  • On exam, was neurologic and had evidence of pneumonia on radiographs

Image is cytology of the conjunctival smear— What is your diagnosis?

What is your diagnosis? Gingival mass in a cat

Veterinary Clinical Pathology: June 2019, Vol 48, Issue 2  |  Seung-Joo Kwon, Yeon-Jung Hong, Ul-Soo Choi 

  • 7 yo CM cat
  • Gingival mass seen on exam
  • CT: invasive with underlying bone lysis

Image is an FNA of the gingival swelling-- What is your diagnosis?

What is your diagnosis? Subcutaneous temporal mass from a cat

Veterinary Clinical Pathology: June 2018, Vol 47, Issue 2  |  Liza Bau-Gaudreault, Sebastien Overvelde, Donald Martin

This is from an FNA of a quarter sized itchy nodule on a cat’s head—What is your diagnosis?

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