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Ever find yourself wishing you could sit down with a pathologist and review cases with them at their scope? Well, that’s what I’ve virtually created for you here in the Five Minute Rounds Section! Here you’ll find a number of videos where I highlight intriguing cases and topics from directly through my scope. You’ll learn a ton here, you just need 5 minutes!


This case is a 7 year old Golden with a grape-sized skin mass. Check out the crazy cells in this one!


This is a case of a 10 year old dog with skin lesions, pneumonia, and fever. And we have an answer right there in the cytology! Have you seen this before?

Tick-borne relapsing fever:

This is one of my favorite blood smear cases ever. Dog presented with ataxia...and the answer was in the blood smear! Love when that happens!

Thyroid tumor (dog):

In this video you'll learn all about what thyroid tumors look like on cyto. In dogs, these present as a ventral neck swelling or mass. You can get a lot of blood contamination with these on FNA since they're really vascular, but if you're lucky you'll hit a tissue-dense area and get these cells to evaluate!

Metastatic Carcinoma:

A big twist in this case! Which of these cells doesn't belong???

Salivary Mucocele (Ranula):

Check this cool case out! Sublingual swelling in a 5 month old dog. Have you seen one before?

Myxosarcoma (or myxoid variant of STS):

Cool case from this week! Sorry for the abrupt cut off at the end, I just was too excited about this case and couldn't stop talking!


Have you guys seen a trichoblastoma before? They're super common! Check out these cutie-patootie cells!

Skeletal Muscle:

Have you ever seen this in one of your FNAs and wondered what it was??

Cutaneous/mixed eosinophilic inflammation:

In this 5 Minute Rounds, we talk about eosinophilic inflammation! We'll delve into a real life case and chat about how it looks cytologically and why it might happen. And let's be real, it's the prettiest type of inflammation there is, amiright?


Today's 5 minute rounds is a case of lymphoma in a dog. Also, can we all just stop for a second and appreciate how nice this cyto prep is? Bravo to this vet for a beautiful sample! 😍

Septic Joint:

This week's 5 Minute Rounds highlights a case of joint fluid from a dog!  Learn all about: normal vs abnormal joint cellularity, what makes a neutrophil degenerate vs non-degenerate and what that means, what bacteria in a joint looks like, limitations in interpreting joint fluid, next diagnostic steps for inflamed joint fluid ...ALL THAT IN 5 MINUTES!

Anal Sac Adenocarcinoma:

This is a common tumor we see in vet med, and it has unique cytologic features you need to know about! 

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