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You feel uncomfortable with cytology, yet you know first-hand how important it is for your patients. Not every sample can go to a pathologist for, what do you do? In the Cytology Schoolhouse, you'll start filling those knowledge holes, and next thing you know, you'll be excited to saddle up to your scope with new-found confidence.  

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I'm Dr. Kate Baker, a board-certified veterinary clinical pathologist on a mission to help veterinary professionals become more comfortable with and excited by cytology.

Here you'll find a number of learning resources including RACE-approved online courses, as well as free tidbits, trainings, and guides. Happy learning!


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Katherine Munce

I honestly cannot thank you enough for your Mastering Cytology course! I feel so EXCITED to start practicing my cytology skills - previously I felt a little lost and scared, but now there's nothing I don't want to stick a needle into! The framework you provided in the course was so straight forward.

Kim Heyning

This course was probably one of the best CE courses I have ever completed.  Lots of down to earth descriptions and common mistakes and how not to make them.  Well worth every minute spent on this course.


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